Guide to Seeing Over Under Odds Value

After that, what about the method of reading odds over under? It’s easy like this, over under is a game that uses a voor system to guess the final result of the game based on the voor value. So the odds will not change if you place the game ahead of time before the match starts. And voor di Ayo is the success number given to a team with a much greater chance of winning (over/over) to a basic team (under).

So the dealer gives a waiver in the first match with a purpura value (voor). For more judi bola indonesia details, understanding the odds of winning Over/Under can be seen from the games that are installed based on the number of voors on this basis:

For example, in an Italian league match AC Milan vs Parma, by giving the value of voor Milan (-0.5). This means, Milan gave success points to Parama as much as 1/2 success. So, in the Over/Under position, Milan lies in Over (over/voor giver) and Parma (under/ Voor receiver). Terms of the win, if the odds are Over@2. 0, and Parma 3. 0, so if you play Over, Milan must score a success by a margin of more than 1 success (2- 0, 3- 1, etc.) to be said to have won. If the match results in a draw, until Milan loses.

How to Calculate Odds Value for Beginners
And calculating the payment according to the game, among others, is to use the formula (odd-1) x the number of bets installed. If you support Milan, and win, your total bet is 100,000, so the payout received is (2. 0- 1) x 100,000 = 100,000 your total net win. and vice versa for game under.

Don’t you understand how to read this over under odds method? As far as you understand, until you can get a lot of chances to win. For a more detailed explanation, look at this basic list of Over/Under voor details and game winning conditions:

If the match ends with a score of 1-0 or 0-1, the total success in the match is 1 success.

If the match ends with a score of 1-2 or 2-1, the total success in the match is 3 wins.

If the match ends with a score of 3- 0 or 0-3, so that the total success in the match is 3 wins.

Taking into account the value of voor, it can be determined that the results will match your calculations. In this over/under market, the voor value is the same as the HDP exchange. So, pursuing Over/Under on the Top has become a profitable certainty for other game calculations in online soccer games.