How to Get Crypto Faucets and Things to Watch Out for

To be able to get crypto assets, there are several ways that you can do. Starting from common methods such as buying and selling assets or automate trading to slightly unusual methods such as crypto faucets . In this way, you can even get crypto assets for free. How and is it safe to collect additional crypto assets?

Pengertian Faucet Crypto
The crypto faucet itself is actually an application or website that shares various crypto assets in small amounts.

Why is the app/website sharing crypto assets?

The asset is given to the user as a gift. You could say, this faucet method is similar to a giveaway program . However, before you can get free crypto assets, you are required to perform several missions.

The mission that is done is not too difficult. Most apps or websites only ask you to watch ad videos, answer quiz questions, download apps, to the simplest, click on a link . The more difficult the missions that must be done, the greater the number of assets that will be given.

Crypto faucets are not basically an instant way to get large amounts of crypto assets. Most websites even implement a deposit system. This means that you can only withdraw the collected assets if you have reached a certain number.

How to get crypto faucets
To get crypto assets through this faucet method is not difficult, 2 common ways to get them are:

1. Visit the faucet service provider website
You can simply visit the website or download an application that does provide faucet services . Each cryptocurrency has its own website . However, there are also great sites that collect several websites of faucet service providers .

2. Follow the mission instructions
In these sites, you just have to follow the instructions to be able to get additional assets. Each site has different rules. There are those that require you to download an app, but there are also those that provide light tasks such as filling in the captcha .

After success, the assets you get will be stored in the micro wallet and can be retrieved when you reach a certain amount.

Jenis faucet crypto
The types of crypto faucets are distinguished according to the crypto currency you will get. So, there are separate faucets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, to ZCash. Here are some websites that you can go to to get assets through faucets :

1. BestFaucetSites
Faucet site
This one website connects you to several other applications or websites to collect Bitcoin currency . Through Bestfaucetsites , you can earn Bitcoin in small amounts, starting from 1 Satoshi or one millionth of Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).

2. Allcoins-pw
Allcoin Faucet
Source: https :// allcoins . pw /
Prefer to collect ETH or other altcoins? You can try visiting . This website does offer free crypto assets through faucets . You just have to complete some simple tasks to earn ETH and other altcoins. On this website , you can also find several types of games.

3. Moon Litecoin
Moon Litecoin is here for you to earn Litecoin or LTC currency. This website is linked to, a website that manages micro wallets for storing small amounts of crypto assets. If you have got enough coins, you can immediately withdraw it without any additional fees .

Tips to identify an official crypto faucet
Faucet tips
While crypto faucets offer the convenience of getting additional crypto assets, you should still be careful. Currently there are many fake websites that lure their visitors with faucet assets . Instead of providing assets, the website has the potential to threaten your security.

Recognizing fake faucet sites is not that difficult. Usually, scam sites will ask for your personal data such as a private key . If you find a website with the characteristics of asking for personal data, let alone a private key, close it immediately and move to another website .

Through crypto faucets, you can get free crypto assets easily. However, make sure to always be careful in choosing a faucet provider website or application . Because, there are some fake websites that can threaten the security of your data.

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