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As we all know, the game of shooting fish (fish hunter) is one of the most legendary online games in Indonesia. This game has been played by people in Indonesia since hundreds of years ago, until now with the presence of this game online, it certainly provides many advantages for all bettors in Indonesia.

Joker123 is one of the official companies that provide online fish shooting game betting for real money which is quite well known and most popular in Indonesia. On this site you can also enjoy other games that are no less exciting, namely online slot games and live casino games. You can play all of these games and enjoy using only 1 user id account.

You can play all of these online games now, you don’t have to use a computer, but now you can also play using an Android / iOS (iPhone) smartphone with an apk for smartphone users, of course, it provides a lot of convenience for bettors.

And at this time the admin will review tips for playing shooting fish online for real money betting on the joker123 site, for all of you who don’t know how and want to get a win in this game, please read the reviews below carefully.

In this fish shooting game also has several weapons such as the following:

Normal Shooting: This is a normal type of weapon in this fish shooting game, usually used to catch small fish but if you have high luck, you can also get big fish through this normal weapon.
Accelerate Shooting: This type of weapon is capable of catching big fish in fish shooting games, but to be able to get this accelerated shooting weapon, more points are also needed.
Aim For Target: Aim for target is a bonus weapon that you can’t keep getting, therefore when you have the opportunity to get this type of weapon, try to use it as well as possible.
In addition, the joker123 fish shooting game also has 3 key functions that you need to know, such as:

Info button : This button functions so that you can see the results of any fish that have been caught, and this button also has various information such as a guide to playing shooting fish online.
Auto button : If you select this auto button, then the selected weapon will shoot the fish automatically without being controlled, for this button we really don’t recommend trying it because it can spend playing chips quickly.
Minus (-) and Plus (+) buttons: The function of this button is to reduce (-) or increase (+) bullet strength, of course, if you play at Joker123, the amount and number of bullet values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be obtained depends on the value of your deposit.
Those are some of the key functions in this fish shooting game, besides that this fish shooting game also has 3 special crabs that can also help you get big benefits such as:

Bomb Crab: This type of crab is very special because if you catch it, it will explode and can cause damage to the fish around it.
Laser Crab: As the name implies, if you catch it, this crab will turn into a laser bullet and can be used with a predetermined time limit.
Drill Crab: This type of crab is able to drill fish that was hit by a shot, after a few seconds the fish hit by the drill will explode and the damage effect will affect the fish around it.
That’s the review that the admin can convey to all of you on this occasion, hopefully the reviews that the admin provides this time can help and add insight to all of you.

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